Tampa Holiday Party Venue

Looking for a Tampa Holiday Party Venue

Tampa Holiday Party Venue Tis’ the season for joy and celebration and of course… parties! Whether you are planning a family gathering, an office party, or want to create something special to celebrate, The Empress Tea Room is an ideal location for your Tampa Holiday Party Venue. Not only does The Empress Tea Room offer ample…

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Simple Salads To Impress Your Guests

This week on our blog and social media pages we are talking about Holiday Parties and Holiday Party Venues. Continuing on with that theme in mind, when it comes to planning food for your Holiday Parties, you can never go wrong with a Great Salad! But salads don’t have to be complicated to be fantastic.  You…

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Vintage Venues for Parties

Vintage Venues for Parties   vin·tage ˈvin(t)ij/ Denoting something of high quality, especially something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person’s work. Just recently I had a conversation with someone and we were discussing vintage venues for parties. Vintage can refer to almost any era in past history and it’s all…